Minimal React vs Create React App

Considering React and React Native, create-react-app and react-native-cli are far more popular tools than any other to get started with a basic application, yet I created minimal-react that serve different purposes.

I needed something that would kick-in fast, would have less dependencies, would have a simple architecture and be easy to understand and modify for someone getting started. minimal-react is one such tool.

Let’s look at some of the features that minimal-react offers and the upcoming changes in it.

Less dependencies

Here’s a screenshot comparing the node_modules directory created by minimal-react and create-react-app.

Minimal-react has smaller node_modules which means it has fewer dependencies on other modules hence installs faster and is easier to get started quickly. This would be a very helpful tool for someone who’s just starting to learn React, especially at work place during sessions or when explaining React to other teams.

Smaller bundle size

After initializing and building applications both with minimal-react and create-react-app, the final js bundle is quite smaller in size when created with minimal-react. This would make the web application faster to load in the browser. Here’s a comparison of final bundle size:

minimal-react create-react-app
127 Kb 141 Kb

Easily configurable

Minimal react provides the user with all the control of the application where the module bundler(webpack) the transpiler(babel) are free to be configured and even to be replaced. webpack.config.js and are the module bundler configuration files that can be changed for production and development environment respectively. Similarly, .babelrc can be updated to change transpiler settings.

Simpler folder structure

Minimal react gets started with a simpler folder structure for the components rather than putting everything inside the src directory. Here’s a screenshot of the folder structure from minimal-react

Upon building all the imported js and jsx files under the src directory will get bundled into output/bundle.min.js that can be included within a script tag in html file.

Upcoming changes

These are some of the planned changes for minimal-react that would make it more efficient

  • Replace npm with yarn
  • Replace webpack with parcel for zero configuration (this would eliminate webpack.config.js and files from the project directory
  • Provide configuration to initiate React app along with Redux
  • Built in support for scss and less

If you haven’t tried out minimal-react yet, I suggest you give it a try and let me know the feedback on twitter.

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