Joining Aera Technology

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be joining Aera Technology as a User Interface Engineer! I’m so excited for this change as I’ll be moving to a new city and also that I’ll be working for a company with a domain in data science and machine learning which are booming in the industry right now.

I always wanted to work on a product that interconnects different fields of work and leverages the power of one, for the betterment and the growth of the business and people, that is touched by the other. For me that is Aera.


Aera does cognitive processing on enterprise data, provides predictions and recommendations based on historic data and also takes automatic actions that reduce manual interference.

This requires a lot of data processing, data crunching and data visualisation. My job would be to work with the data visualisation part which is the user interface.

React & Me

React is something that comes to mind when one wants to develop a data intensive application that changes frequently and updates in real time. And Aera is where React fits right in. Since me being really close to React and that I firmly believe that React is here to stay for long, I took upon this challenge to be a part of a company that helps large scale enterprises be autonomous and self-driving.

Aera & Me

I’ve spoken to a whole lot of people at Aera, that made me come more and more close to the product and the team; and it felt like home. Aera’s culture is one of a kind where you get to play, enjoy the work, build something great together and make world a better place than it was yesterday.

All this is made possible by the Aeranauts, and I can’t wait to be an Aeranaut myself!

Well, here’s a picture of a welcome gift that Aera sent me.


For You!

Can you challenge yourself to work in such a domain and make it more better? Would you like to take a step, with us, towards making the world better? Check where you’d fill in the best and apply here to join Aera and be my fellow Aeranaut.

P.S. I was in it just to be called an Aeranaut ;) JK.

Have more questions? Or would like to know what I work on? Follow me on twitter and drop a DM, I’d love to talk to you.